package spire

Integrates Spire with scodec.

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Type Members

  1. implicit final class SpireCodecEnrichment[A] extends AnyVal

    Provides enrichments for Codec[A] related to Spire.

Value Members

  1. object BuildInfo extends Product with Serializable

    This object was generated by sbt-buildinfo.

  2. val subyte: Codec[UByte]

  3. def suint(bits: Int): Codec[UInt]

  4. val suint16: Codec[UInt]

  5. val suint16L: Codec[UInt]

  6. val suint24: Codec[UInt]

  7. val suint24L: Codec[UInt]

  8. val suint32: Codec[UInt]

  9. val suint32L: Codec[UInt]

  10. val suint64: Codec[ULong]

  11. val suint64L: Codec[ULong]

  12. val suint8: Codec[UInt]

  13. val suint8L: Codec[UInt]

  14. def suintL(bits: Int): Codec[UInt]

  15. def sulong(bits: Int): Codec[ULong]

  16. def sulongL(bits: Int): Codec[ULong]

  17. def sushort(bits: Int): Codec[UShort]

  18. val sushort16: Codec[UShort]

  19. val sushort16L: Codec[UShort]

  20. val sushort8: Codec[UShort]

  21. def sushortL(bits: Int): Codec[UShort]

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