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Type Members

  1. case class MacAddress(value: ByteVector) extends Product with Serializable

  2. type TimeSeries[+A] = Process[Task, TimeSeriesValue[A]]

    A stream of timestamped values or clock ticks.

    A stream of timestamped values or clock ticks.

    Values are represented as right values in a TimeStamped[Unit \/ A], whereas clock ticks are represented as left values. This encoding allows for an indication of time passage with no observed values.

    Generally, time series appear in increasing order, and many combinators that work with time series will rely on that. For streams that are globally ordered, but not locally ordered, i.e., near adjacent values might be out of order but values at great distance from each other are ordered, consider using TimeStamped.reorderLocally to adjust.

  3. type TimeSeriesTransducer[-A, +B] = Process[Is, TimeSeriesValue[B]]

    Alias for a stream transducer on time series values.

  4. type TimeSeriesValue[+A] = TimeStamped[\/[Unit, A]]

    A single value in a TimeSeries.

    A single value in a TimeSeries. Provides a timestamp along with either a value of type A or a clock tick (represented by a left unit).

  5. case class TimeStamped[+A](time: DateTime, value: A) extends Product with Serializable

    Wrapper that associates a time with a value.

Value Members

  1. object MacAddress extends Serializable

  2. object TimeSeries

    Companion for TimeSeries.

  3. object TimeSeriesTransducer

    Companion for TimeSeriesTransducer.

  4. object TimeSeriesValue

    Companion for TimeSeriesValue.

  5. object TimeStamped extends Serializable

  6. package ip

  7. package mpeg

  8. package pcap

    Protocol that describes libpcap files.

    Protocol that describes libpcap files.

    See also

  9. object process1ext

    General purpose combinators for working with Process1 that are not included in scalaz-stream.

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