package scalaz

Provides interop between scodec-core and scalaz.

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Type Members

  1. implicit final class AttemptSyntax[A] extends AnyVal

    Extension methods for an Attempt[A].

  2. implicit final class CodecSyntax[A] extends AnyVal

    Extension methods for a Codec[A].

  3. implicit final class ErrDisjunctionSyntax[A] extends AnyVal

    Extension methods for an Err \/ A.

Value Members

  1. implicit def AttemptEqualInstance[A]: Equal[Attempt[A]]

  2. implicit val AttemptMonad: Monad[Attempt]

  3. implicit def AttemptShowInstance[A]: Show[Attempt[A]]

  4. implicit val BitVectorEqualInstance: Equal[BitVector]

  5. implicit val BitVectorMonoidInstance: Monoid[BitVector]

  6. implicit val BitVectorShowInstance: Show[BitVector]

  7. object BuildInfo extends Product with Serializable

    This object was generated by sbt-buildinfo.

  8. implicit val ByteVectorEqualInstance: Equal[ByteVector]

  9. implicit val ByteVectorMonoidInstance: Monoid[ByteVector]

  10. implicit val ByteVectorShowInstance: Show[ByteVector]

  11. implicit val CodecInvariantFunctorInstance: InvariantFunctor[Codec]

  12. implicit def CodecShowInstance[A]: Show[Codec[A]]

  13. implicit def DecodeResultEqualInstance[A]: Equal[DecodeResult[A]]

  14. implicit def DecodeResultShowInstance[A]: Show[DecodeResult[A]]

  15. implicit val DecodeResultTraverseComonadInstance: Traverse[DecodeResult] with Comonad[DecodeResult]

  16. implicit val DecoderMonadInstance: Monad[Decoder]

  17. implicit def DecoderMonoidInstance[A](implicit A: Monoid[A]): Monoid[Decoder[A]]

  18. implicit def DecoderShowInstance[A]: Show[Decoder[A]]

  19. implicit val EncoderCorepresentableAttemptInstance: Corepresentable[Encoder, Attempt[BitVector]]

  20. implicit val EncoderCovariantInstance: Contravariant[Encoder]

  21. implicit def EncoderShowInstance[A]: Show[Encoder[A]]

  22. implicit val GenCodecProfunctorInstance: Profunctor[GenCodec]

  23. implicit def GenCodecShowInstance[A, B]: Show[GenCodec[A, B]]

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