package transport

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Type Members

  1. case class AdaptationField(flags: AdaptationFieldFlags, pcr: Option[BitVector], opcr: Option[BitVector], spliceCountdown: Option[Int], transportPrivateData: Option[BitVector]) extends Product with Serializable

    Partial modelling of the adaptation field.

    Partial modelling of the adaptation field. The field extension, if present, is ignored upon decoding.

  2. case class AdaptationFieldFlags(discontinuity: Boolean, randomAccess: Boolean, priority: Boolean, pcrFlag: Boolean, opcrFlag: Boolean, splicingPointFlag: Boolean, transportPrivateDataFlag: Boolean, adaptationFieldExtension: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

    Flags in the adaptation field.

  3. case class ContinuityCounter(value: Int) extends Product with Serializable

  4. sealed abstract class DemultiplexerError extends MpegError

  5. case class Packet(header: TransportStreamHeader, adaptationField: Option[AdaptationField], payloadUnitStart: Option[Int], payload: Option[BitVector]) extends Product with Serializable

    Transport stream packet.

  6. case class Pid(value: Int) extends Product with Serializable

  7. case class PidStamped[+A](pid: Pid, value: A) extends Product with Serializable

  8. case class ProgramNumber(value: Int) extends Product with Serializable

  9. case class TransportStreamHeader(transportErrorIndicator: Boolean, payloadUnitStartIndicator: Boolean, transportPriority: Boolean, pid: Pid, scramblingControl: Int, adaptationFieldControl: Int, continuityCounter: ContinuityCounter) extends Product with Serializable

  10. case class TransportStreamId(value: Int) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object AdaptationField extends Serializable

  2. object AdaptationFieldFlags extends Serializable

  3. object ContinuityCounter extends Serializable

  4. object Demultiplexer

    Supports depacketization of an MPEG transport stream, represented as a stream of Packets.

  5. object DemultiplexerError

  6. object Packet extends Serializable

  7. object Pid extends Serializable

  8. object PidStamped extends Serializable

  9. object ProgramNumber extends Serializable

  10. object TransportStreamHeader extends Serializable

  11. object TransportStreamId extends Serializable

  12. package psi

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